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MAYDAY...It's Almost Mother's Day

Scrambling to find that perfect gift for that special woman this Mother’s Day? We can all agree that the most important lady in your life deserves some TLC, but finding the right fit for you can be tricky. Below are some fun and easy ways to show your love and appreciation this year.

  1. Get Creative! Crafty Morning shows us some fun and easy ways to make your own card this year.
  2. Get Moving! Mother’s Day isn't always about a gift you open, it can be the gift of time together. Here are some fun mother/daughter dates to do together.
  3. Get Pampered!  This idea is a simple DIY bringing tropical scents and spa relaxation to the comfort of her own home. No appointment needed!
  4. Get to Cooking! Your mother always told you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! This year, allow her to enjoy breakfast in bed!

Keep it simple, keep it fun, and keep telling her how much you love and appreciate everything she has done.

Traveling with Tots

Once upon a time summer vacation and travel meant total relaxation…right? And for some of us, it still does. But let’s get real, traveling with tots can be, well, SCARY! The good news is, it doesn't have to be!

For those of you who squirm at the thought of changing routines, sleeping in hotels, and most of all sitting on an airplane, here are some tips for flying with your toddler.

  • Bring a Sippy Cup that won’t roll. Check yours, if it has handles or isn't entirely cylindrical, that’s perfect. If not, I recommend buying another one for the trip, or you risk having your child’s clean cup roll down the dusty aisles and bumping into people’s feet and shoes. 
  • Travel toys and painters tape. Of course, pack a beloved stuffed animal or toy car for the familiarity, but I recommend purchasing some new items as well.  Pack half for the flight to your destination, and half for the flight home.  I suggest: coloring books (I love the Magic Ink ones), magnetic puzzles and games, and books about planes, vacation, or the new places you’re going to visit. 
  • I highly recommend bringing painters tape; it comes off easily and it can be used for so many things.   I created a hop scotch court on the floor of the airport while we were waiting for a delayed flight.  You can also use it to create a race car track or horse corral on the tray table of the plane.  And if those don’t do the trick, let your kids have some fun decorating their seats, there’s no harm as the tape will come off easily. You can also use it to cover any electric outlets or hazards in your hotel room.
  • Dress them cute and comfortable, and bring a change of clothes.  If you’re worried about feeling embarrassed on the flight because your child might get cranky, dressing him/her in something comfortable but also really cute makes a huge difference.  People have a hard time being annoyed at a really cute kid.  Check out Dinky’s for some adorable summer options. 
  • Very important…don’t forget a change of clothes too! Planes have at least one bathroom that has a changing area for kids (usually it’s a table that pulls down over the toilet, it’s small but does the trick). 
  • Before the flight, get your kids moving!   If you’re heading to your gate at the airport, it may be easier and faster to strap your child into an umbrella stroller (BTW, you should get one if you don’t have it. They’re easier to travel with than a BOB or CityMini)   BUT if you strap your kid into a stroller, you may regret missing this opportunity to get your child’s energy out when they start insisting on running up and down the plane’s aisles
  • Once you’re up in the air, use every opportunity to walk around with your kids when you can.  When you’re seated, I recommend learning a couple of songs that involve movement.  For example, I sang
  • “Way up high in the apple tree, two little apples smiled at me. I shook that tree as hard as I could, down came the apples…mmm they’re good.”
  • Avoiding ear aches. Have them eat or drink during takeoff and landing to avoid painful ear aches.
  • Gear Up Mentally.  This is true for you and your child.  Moms travel with their kids all the time, and you can do it too!   Keep your expectations realistic, kids are not going to sit quietly and politely the whole You may have a couple moments, but breathe and know it’ll pass. 
  • Be sympathetic as well...once you’re on the plane, if your child says “Mom, I want to get off the plane.”  You can nod lovingly and say, “Yeah, me too, I wish I could run around….but let’s play a game until we land.”

Travel safe! And feel free to post your own suggestions in the comments. 

Keeping It Simple for Messy Fun

Last week, we spotlighted a designer who makes the perfect clothes for your little girl to wear for Easter, summer BBQs, and other dress-up occasions. But holidays and dressy occasions are the exception, not the rule. And something about spring seems to bring on the messier side of having children! So today, we wanted to focus on some great solutions for keeping your kids stylish despite mud, paints, and whatever other messes than can find this spring.

For the smallest members of your family, there is of course the classic for keeping things cleaner – the bib! But bibs don’t have to be unwieldy and unstylish. Our Cherry Tree Bandanna Bib will keep your baby boy or baby girl looking adorable, while still protecting the clothes underneath! When it comes to toddler clothing, we know things can get a bit trickier. These adorable little whirlwinds have a tendency to get into everything, the messier the better! Luckily, Dinky’s is here to help with that too. For your toddler boy, consider a cotton blend “I Feel Good” t-shirt – not only is it easy to machine wash, the dark color will disguise a lot of dirt and mud before that point! And with our splatter print leggings or romper, perfect for boys or girls, those paint drips, marker stains, and other side effects of art with toddlers will blend right in! When it comes to girl toddler clothes, San Francisco and San Diego parents – and everyone else in between – will find our High Seas Valencia Dress completely irresistible. Not only will she look charming in it, but the intricate pattern will hide messes until you’re ready to wash the organic cotton.

So this spring and summer, don’t give in to the chaos! Just visit the Dinky’s website, and you’ll find stylish clothes for your babies and toddlers that will keep the mess at minimum visibility, and the cuteness of your children front and center!

Designer Spotlight: Egg

With the spring equinox officially kicking off the season today, and Easter only a couple weeks away, this seemed like a great time to spotlight one of our designers that's perfect for getting your little girl ready for the upcoming holiday and other spring events: Egg. Created by Susan Lazar, the Egg baby clothes collection was designed to focus on family and nurturing, as well as allow parents the option of dressing their children in a luxury brand at an affordable price. Popular with celebrities and regular moms alike, Egg is the perfect way to make sure your baby girl looks sweet as can be for Easter, Mother’s Day, or whenever you feel like dressing up a little!

If your family is more into celebrating holidays casually, your daughter will steal the show in a Jersey Bubble Romper, patterned in pink stripes with a bluebird at the center reminding everybody of why we love spring so much. For a dressier take on Easter, nothing beats a comfortable and adorable Swing Dress, patterned with pastel polka dots that bear a striking resemblance to every child’s favorite part of the holiday, Easter eggs! If you want something that will not only allow her to dress up for the holiday, but be wearable throughout the summer, Egg’s Pineapple Tank Dress is an excellent choice to keep her stylish throughout the warm weather months. Whether you want the best in designer clothes for your own infant girl, or are looking for the perfect Easter-themed baby girl gifts, Los Angeles parents – whether they are famous celebrities or happy with their lower profile – know that Egg has the perfect clothes for any little girl. You can find the right Egg designs for this spring right here at Dinky’s!