Dogs and Elephants

Have you ever noticed that baby and toddler clothes always seem to be a little cliché or trite? Where is it said that you have to dress up your tot in a blue onesie if they’re a boy, or a pink onesie if they’re a girl? We’re proud to have baby clothes that offer a bit more variety than that. If, for example, your child likes to go to the zoo and look for a certain type of animal, and their little face just lights up when they see it, then we’ve got the clothes for you.

Take, for example, the dog and elephant pants and hats we have in stock now—we can’t help but smile whenever we see them. So many other stores just give you the simplest patterns, but here we like to make sure your little one can wear what makes them happy, and makes everyone else around smile. A little hat with pink elephants on it—who could resist cracking a smile!

Your little one is unique. Shouldn’t you dress him or her in the styles as unique and adorable as the doll or dude it was crafted for? Don’t just settle for the plain pink or blue onesie. Dress your little guy or gal in clothes that make everyone happy and show off their (and their parents’!) style.

So take a look at our inventory and find the clothes that allow you to truly express yourself. Just in time for winter, we have a wide range of new baby gifts, which offer double the style! One of the best things about being a baby is you are in the best and most comfortable clothes of your life. With Mom and Dad’s help they can be stylish too.

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