Perfect Gifts for Gender Neutral Showers

It’s always a tough decision for new parents to decide if they will find out the gender of their baby before the birth, or wait for a wonderful surprise in the hospital. There’s no correct answer, and every parent has to decide what is right for them. But as friends, it can sometimes be tough to know what to do for a shower without knowing if you’re buying for a little boy or a little girl! Of course, there are plenty of non-clothing related gifts you can get – but how many copies of Goodnight Moon does a baby really need?

Unfortunately, we all know how boring gender neutral baby clothes can be. There’s only so much yellow a person can take! Luckily, Dinky’s is the perfect solution for baby shower gifts – no matter the gender. Any infant will look adorable and snooze comfortably in our Lumberjack Sleep Sack, or cuddled cozily into the El Perro Snuggle Wrap Blanket. And when you’re ready to move beyond bedtime, we have plenty of items that make perfect baby boy gifts, baby girl gifts, mixed-gender twin gifts, or whatever else you need! For instance, the cute and quirky Hungry Fish Onesie is the perfect gift for any shower. And if you’d rather go down another road, boys and girls can make a mess all over the cute animal designs on our Jungle Jam Burpy Bibs!

Lastly of course, we can never forget about the failsafe gift for any shower – regardless of whether or not we know the gender of the baby. You just can’t go wrong with a Dinky’s gift card! Parents will appreciate the opportunity to pick out some clothes themselves, and fill in the gaps left at the shower. So if your friends have decided they’d rather wait for a hospital surprise, don’t panic! Just head to Dinky’s and find the perfect new baby gifts for every child.

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