Get Fashion Inspiration with Our Dinky’s Picks

We don’t blame you if you log onto our website and immediately go for your favorite item, or jump to the right age range for your baby or toddler. But it can be easy for you – and of course, your child! – to fall into a fashion rut. You know your darling loves animals, so she’s always dressed in animal prints. Or you know he looks good in red, so you go ahead and just stick with that to make life easier. But you never know when you might find something that will be your toddler’s new favorite, and you might appreciate a change of pace when you dress them in the morning! So the next time you’re on our website, you might want to scroll down the main page and take a quick peek at our “Dinky’s Picks” for some new ideas for your baby and toddler clothing.  

Our Dinky’s Picks highlight some of our favorite items on our website, and they might inspire you to take your children’s clothes in a new direction! At the moment, you may notice a theme with our Dinky’s Picks – the color blue! Maybe it’s because some parts of the country haven’t seen clear skies in so long, or maybe it’s because we just like blue, but something about these bright, springy items was calling to us! Whether you’re ready to look forward to short sleeves for your baby and want to check out our Planes Romper, or your toddler daughter is ready to look like a piece of art in our practical Chloe Skort, these fresh and adorable items will remind everyone who looks at them of blue skies and warmer days. So take a risk on something new and check out our Dinky’s Picks to get some great ideas for baby gifts, cute toddler clothes, and more!

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