Designer Spotlight: Thingamajiggies

Alright parents, let’s get real: let’s talk about bedtime. As any parent knows, bedtime can be a wonderful bonding ritual or a horrific nightmare – and most often, it’s both at the same time! Nothing is better than cuddling up with your PJ’ed darling to read a bedtime story. But trying to manage baths, tooth brushing, and just getting an energetic pre-toddler into pajamas and into bed in the first place can be stressful, to say the least. Here at Dinky’s, we think anything that can make bedtime even just a little bit easier is worth it. Which brings us to today’s highlighted designer, Thingamajiggies!

Thingamajiggies bring the best and cutest in baby and toddler pajamas to parents everywhere! Before you tackle your older child’s bedtime, get your infant squared away in a cute and quirky robot onesie, made of 100% cotton. With your infant warm, comfortable, and ready to snooze, you can move on to the tough stuff! Your little one may throw a tantrum at bedtime, but he or she will be excited to get into their jammies once they see the stylish and comfortable offerings from Thingamajiggies. For your little space case just on the cusp of toddlerhood, try Thingamajiggies’ star print pajamas, or a set of Planet Pajamas, and bring the universe right into her bedroom. If he’s a big fan of animals, he’ll get excited about bed every time he looks at his charming Long Sleeve Penguin Pajamas, guaranteed to keep him toasty and comfortable all night long.

We’re not saying cute boy clothes and adorable girl pajamas will make bedtime a breeze. But thanks to Thingamajiggies, parents can have one less bedtime challenge to worry about – it will be easy to convince their children to get comfy in these PJs!

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