Stock Up for Next Year’s Winter Clothes

We know kids grow fast – the younger they are, the faster they grow. And this of course means an endless round of buying new clothes to keep up with your rapidly changing youngsters. But there are ways to do this without breaking the bank, and one of them is to take advantage of seasonal deals! For instance, your newborn will of course be unrecognizably bigger by the time next winter rolls around. But rather than waiting until everyone else is buying winter clothes – and inflating the prices! – take a little time now to save yourself stress and money at the end of next fall.

It’s hard to think about bundling up again, when we’re just starting to recover from the latest round of chilly weather. But if you look at a few of our current cold-weather sale items, we think the sheer adorableness of what your children could be wearing when winter returns will make it easier to contemplate! Your toddler daughter will be absolutely darling in our sweater knit cap with a charming pink flower on it, and she’ll be warm, casual, and cute in a reversible sweatshirt in solid navy on one side and pink stripes on the other. If what you need is cute boy clothes, San Francisco shoppers need to look no further than a knit sweater from Petit Lem – cozy as can be, and stylish enough for an outing, this gem will look perfect on any little gentleman.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on adorable and affordable winter clothing available at Dinky’s, and you can take advantage of some season’s end sale prices now to prepare in advance for next winter! So head to our website today to explore our great collections of baby and toddler clothing, and make sure your children will be warm and look wonderful next winter.

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