Keeping It Simple for Messy Fun

Last week, we spotlighted a designer who makes the perfect clothes for your little girl to wear for Easter, summer BBQs, and other dress-up occasions. But holidays and dressy occasions are the exception, not the rule. And something about spring seems to bring on the messier side of having children! So today, we wanted to focus on some great solutions for keeping your kids stylish despite mud, paints, and whatever other messes than can find this spring.

For the smallest members of your family, there is of course the classic for keeping things cleaner – the bib! But bibs don’t have to be unwieldy and unstylish. Our Cherry Tree Bandanna Bib will keep your baby boy or baby girl looking adorable, while still protecting the clothes underneath! When it comes to toddler clothing, we know things can get a bit trickier. These adorable little whirlwinds have a tendency to get into everything, the messier the better! Luckily, Dinky’s is here to help with that too. For your toddler boy, consider a cotton blend “I Feel Good” t-shirt – not only is it easy to machine wash, the dark color will disguise a lot of dirt and mud before that point! And with our splatter print leggings or romper, perfect for boys or girls, those paint drips, marker stains, and other side effects of art with toddlers will blend right in! When it comes to girl toddler clothes, San Francisco and San Diego parents – and everyone else in between – will find our High Seas Valencia Dress completely irresistible. Not only will she look charming in it, but the intricate pattern will hide messes until you’re ready to wash the organic cotton.

So this spring and summer, don’t give in to the chaos! Just visit the Dinky’s website, and you’ll find stylish clothes for your babies and toddlers that will keep the mess at minimum visibility, and the cuteness of your children front and center!

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